Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I meant to get to the business of enjoying life
But, I found I was too busy.
Busy trying to get it all just right,
Busy trying to make a living.
I couldn't tell you what roses smell like
I never stopped to take a whiff.
But, the latest viral video and sound byte
Always topped my "to-do" list.

I can't remember my children's laughter.
Most often, I hear the cries.
Cries for attention, honorable mentions
Fell on deaf ears, my eyes fixed on the prize.
And so the conversations grew shorter.
Funny, I didn't notice then.
Life transpiring right under my nose
While I was waiting for life to begin.

My timeline is filled with these strangers
From a life I forgot I wanted.
The sincere smiles, the "stay awhile"s,
Rich blessings I never counted.
Radio silence, frozen stills,
ones gone off to meet their maker.
Never once stopping to be grateful
I was barely passed by the undertaker.

I meant to get to the business of enjoying life
But, let it slip right down the drain.
Never once did I ever doubt
That I could do it all again.
Because life can hand you lemons,
Be sure to squeeze out every drop.
Leave here with the satisfaction of knowing
That you gave it all you've got.

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