Monday, December 14, 2015

Never Quit on Your Dreams!

It happened again today.

A well-meaning person looked at what they see to be my circumstances from their point-of-view and said, “Why don’t you just quit that and do something else?”

We’re going to pretend that this wasn’t a person who has a lifestyle that I’ve always viewed as sad, at best, but I digress…

This reminded me of when the Apostle Peter told Jesus, “Lord you will not suffer this fate.”
Jesus’ reply?

“Get behind me, Satan!”

When I was younger and first read that account, I thought, “Man, Jesus!  That was harsh!  Satan, though??”

Now, that I’m older and have a deeper understanding of what the account meant, I realized some things.

I started thinking about the behavior patterns of Satan as described in the Bible.

He was the ultimate hater.  His main life goal was throwing shade, tripping people up using things that they liked or felt that they needed. Just all-around negativity. 

Anything leading to death in any form.

Really, isn’t that what saying anything other than something positive would do?  Kill a dream?

But, realize that Jesus didn’t say, “Peter, you trippin’.”

He realized that this was NOT in Peter’s character, so he didn’t speak to Peter; he spoke to the force operating through Peter.

So, don’t blame your loved ones and friends for not understanding.

“They know not what they do.”

I also started thinking about how tempting Jesus should have seemed like an exercise in futility.
He was the Son of God!  Creator of the whole universe!  


Not in the Beyonce kind of way.  But, literally not a single flaw.  

Healer of everyone. 

I bet he was fine, too.

But, nonetheless, he was tried!


To test his resolve.

If ever there was someone committed to a cause, a higher purpose, a necessary evil, it was Jesus. 

So, what makes you think that you and I, with our little dream, will not be tried??

When I was tried this morning, I had an answer right away of why I will NEVER quit.

Do you have your answer readily on the tip of your tongue?

What a lot of people do is listen to and start believing the negativity.

They give up on their dreams, if not wholly, but slowly.

One less phone call made.

One less work of art created.

This is where creative blocks come from many times.

But, why should you stay with it?

Because life is about using every bit of your creativity, talents, skills, and heart to make this world better.  Some way, somehow. 

Because visionaries with follow through are few and far between.

And mostly because the very people who are saying these things are really watching you.

They are only saying what they think they are supposed to say to help you not destroy your life, be irresponsible, etc.

But, deep down, in the person that they truly are, they want you to win.

Remember that the next time someone says something contradictory to where you are going.

Use it as an opportunity to do a checkup from the neck up and be even more relentless.

I believe in you.

I mean, it’s not like you’re saving the world, but you’re saving the world.

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