Thursday, February 4, 2016

Modern Day Miracle

I wish I could say when God made me, he broke the mold.
But, I believe no mold could hold me.
So, he handcrafted my marrow, my sinew, my bones
And then released me
From my mother’s womb
Into a world unknown.
A world of quick fixes and microwaves
Ignorant people and smartphones.
A world needing disruption
Much like my fluid soul
To stand up and question barriers
Of egos too big and minds too small.

I came here to make you feel good
But first, I have to piss you off
And any slight suggestion might feel like
I’m asking you to turn your head and cough.
But, I promise that freedom taste better
Than anything a drive thru can provide
Better than additives and hormones
Or any flash-in-the-pan diet you’ve tried.

And yet, truth is largely ignored
Steamrolled by voices all the same
Advice no better for wear or tear
Than the advisor from whence it came.
But, what should make me so special,
My fate different from giants in whose shoes I walk?
They dodged mobs and knives and bullets,
Opposition and negative talk.

So, I add my few salty tears to the ocean
And find solace in fighting the good fight
And if nobody else sees things like I do
I will leave knowing that I stood for what’s right.

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